“A reflection of a reflection of a reflection”

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[BRINDLE/MRTB] is a Full-Stack Digital Artist. Their work spans across fashion, editorial, nightlife, street, portraiture, abstract + fine art. Taking a full 360 creative approach across all channels + mediums.


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I was born in Redhill, England in the Fall. I’m Chinese Year of the Rat, if you’re into that. And I be an ENFP if you like a bit of Briggsy.


Giphy. Grids. [A]Symmetry. Tessalations. Iconography. Authenticity. Tanuki. Entropy. Te[k/ch]no. Folk. Simpsonwave. Documentries. Punk. Gamification. Lingo. Anime. Pixels. Ethics. Centralism. Logic. Empathy.


Deep water. Net Curtains. Speakerphones on TFL. Bling. Profit over people. Homogenisation. Social Medja. Ego traps. Carrying change. Political polarisation. Dogma. Poor indentation. Cockles. Beige.

May the force be with you...


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